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LAMS Library

Mission and Philosophy

The Lehighton Middle School Library functions to serve the interests of all students and staff members within the geographical and educational area in which the library is situated.  A carefully chosen, well-rounded, useful collection of all types of materials essential in the performance of a positive, dynamic teaching function is provided by trained, certified personnel.  Materials are selected to support and enrich the curriculum, to satisfy the varying needs of students, to encourage reading for pleasure, to promote new area interests, to stimulate learning, and to allow for intellectual, emotional, and moral maturity.

Lehighton Area Middle School Library's Goals:

  • To acquire books and other materials consistent with the demands of the curriculum.
  • To stimulate and guide students to appreciate and understand literature and libraries for lifelong learning.
  • To help students become skillful and discriminating in information management and retrieval using both automated and manual sources, encouraging them to become active learners.
  • To work with the teachers in selection and use of all types of materials available for teaching and research.
  • To organize and mount a public relations program to promote the new services of the library.
  • To provide efficient administration of the library including the technical duties needed.
  • To seek other methods of obtaining money for the library services without bombarding the taxpayer.
  • To continue participating with Access PA and the Power Library.
  • To provide, through interlibrary loan, access to over 10 million unique titles available through the Access PA Database.
  • To organize in-service programs for faculty, administrators, and staff by scheduling district-level and county-wide instructional programs in the use of Access PA.
  • To develop a working relationship with administration.
  • To ensure steps are undertaken to bring the library into compliance with the Education of the Handicapped Act (P.L. 94-142).

Location and Community

Lehighton Area Middle School is located in the eastern central part of Pennsylvania, approximately 20 miles north of Allentown, 60 miles north of Philadelphia, and 35 miles south of Wilkes-Barre.  The school district is comprised of 68 square miles and encompasses the Borough of Lehighton, the towns of Weissport and Parryville, and the townships of Franklin, East Penn and Mahoning.  Lehighton Middle School is located in the Borough.  The middle school is comprised of grades 5-8 and serves approximately 800 students.  The District Administration Office is located in the Borough on the high school campus.

Library Staff

Mrs. Rebecca Tite

Mrs. Daralyn Behler
Library Assistant

Library Hours

7:10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Library Address, Telephone Number and Email

301 Beaver Run Road
Lehighton, PA 18235
610-377-6535 ext. 3300

Library Resources-Click on the links below to access the resources

Ask Here PA


Grolier (school access)

Grolier (home access-username and password needed)

Lehighton Memorial Public Library

Power Library (school access)

Power Library (home access-will need barcode number from public library card)

Study Island


How do I get a library card?

Any student, 5th-8th grades, in Lehighton Area Middle School will only need their student number to check out any materials from the library.  Through a partnership with Lehighton Area Memorial Library we do offer the opportunity for the students to receive a public library card any time during the school year.  Just ask Mrs. Tite for an application and once you have returned the completed application to the library we will submit it to Lehighton Area Memorial Library for you.

How do I borrow library books?

The Circulation Desk is located just beyond the main entrance of the library.  Our friendly staff will help you check out books and other library materials.

What are my responsibilities when I checkout library materials?

When you check out any materials from the library your responsibility is to return library materials on-time.  You also agree to take care of library materials so that they will be in good shape for the next user.  Our library aides understand that things happen and are always willing to work with you in case materials are late or are in some way damaged.  Remember that these materials are purchased with YOUR tax dollars.  Treat them as if you bought them yourself!

Where do I return materials?

When the library is open, you should return materials to the Circulation desk.  Please check materials to make sure that you have not left anything important in books and magazines and that the videos are the ones that you checked out.  You would be surprised at the things we have found inside of returned books and videos!  When the library is closed, you will need to return materials in the drop box in front of the library.

How do I find books and things?

Your greatest resource for locating books and things in the library is Mrs. Tite, Mrs. Behler and our library aides!  Please feel free to ask them questions.  Helping you find information is the main part of our job.  We can help you use OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and other databases available to you in the library.

What if a book is not on the shelf or the library doesn't own it?

If a book is not on the shelf, check with Mrs. Tite, Mrs. Behler or the library aides.  They can tell you if it is checked out or missing.  If the book is checked out, a reserve/hold can be placed.  When the book comes in a library aide will deliver it to your homeroom during 8th period.  If the book is missing, we can help you determine which libraries nearby have the book or you can request an interlibrary loan (this can only be done if you have a public library card).  When a book is requested through interlibrary loan, you will be notified when it arrives.

How can I find out about local history?

Lehighton Area Middle School Library has "The History of Carbon County" and other Lehighton books located in our reference collection.  You will be able to locate most of them in the REF 974.8 ECK location.

Can I check out music or videos?

We have movies available for checkout.  Movies are checked out for a period of five school days at a time.  If you are late there is a .50 cents per day late charge.  The movies are located by the Circulation Desk and the call numbers are DVD for DVD titles and VC for VHS titles.

Are there any jobs open at the library?

Each year we have openings for two students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to become library aides.  Applications and interviews are conducted in May and a final decision for the next school year will be made by the middle of May.  If you are interested listen for announcements for an application.

What do I need to do to get a library tour?

Library tours are offered whenever the district has days set aside for Parent/Teacher Conferences and for "Meet the Teachers" Night.  Just stop in and check us out!

What about fines?

For regular checkout items fines are .5 cents per day.  Movie fines are .50 cents per day.

Can I connect to OPAC from home?

We use an OPAC system called Destiny which was implemented in September 2008.  This is an easy tool to use to help locate materials in our library.  Destiny can also be used to locate information from our online databases with just a few clicks, just log in with your username and password for the library.  You can also use Destiny as a guest without a username or password. 

*Destiny was purchased through a grant awarded to our middle school library with the help from Mr. Keith McCall (our former state representative for the area).

How much are photocopies?

Students are able to print the first page of any school related project for free.  All pages after the first page are .10 cents each.  Fees may be waived depending on the size of the research project.

Can I check out magazines?

Current month magazines cannot be checked out.  If you want a copy of an older magazine you must give the Title of the Magazine, Month, and Year at the circulation desk to receive the magazine for five school days.

Does the library have Word Processors available for public use?

We have 26 computers with Microsoft Office 2010 available for typing of assignments.  OPAC, online databases, Internet and other resources are also on each computer to help with your research needs.

Does the library provide any kind of computer training or Internet training?

Training of online databases, basic computer/Internet training, and other library resources are offered throughout the school year. Your teacher will signup if he/she wants the class to participate.

Where are the quietest places in the library for me to read or study?

Anywhere in the library is a "quiet" place.  Students can come in to check out books, read magazines/newspapers, use the computers for research, etc... but a "quiet" library atmosphere is maintained at all times.  Noisy students are sent back to homeroom with a warning that their library privileges may be suspended.

Can I place a reserve on materials?

Students can place a hold on an item if it is currently checked out.  Ask one of the library aides for assistance, if needed.  The student must know their student number to place a hold.